Rodway Common
& Siston Common

"I wanna live like common people" - Pulp (1995)
Jarvis Cocker and his pals surely meant for us to respect the public spaces that we use for our race. Please be respectful of other common users and please do not leave any litter.

Rodway Common
Rodway Common is an open space in Mangotsfield, Bristol, located opposite Mangotsfield School (BS16 9LH) and bordered by Rodway Hill, Manor Road and the Bristol - Bath Cycle Path. Popular with dog walkers and the starting point for many pigeon races, Rodway Common covers around 30 acres and is crossed by numerous. In 1899, the common was the site of Rodway Hill Golf Club, and this was just a short walk away from Mangotsfield Station, now disused. In 1941 the clubhouse was requisitioned by the War Ministry, although the club was recognised on local maps in 1947 it probably never recovered after the war. A zig-zag path, used twice in the race (downhill both times) connects the common to the Bristol- Bath Cycle Path
Siston Common
Siston Common is situated at the heart of the ancient ‘Kingswood Forest’ straddling the old ‘London Way’, now the A420. The common itself is a large area of rough grassland situated within the Parish of Siston. The race route at 2 miles nears the highest point of the common, once called ‘Five Winds’; locals suffering from chest complaints were brought here to benefit from the claimed healing properties of
the air. This area is rich in wildlife; you could catch sight of a kestrel ‘quartering’ the common for prey or perhaps a buzzard soaring high above.

and Warmley Forest Park
Warmley Forest Park lies on the site of former extensive clay quarrying. Until recently it lay derelict, but is now popular with local residents for walks and runs. Evidence of this industrial activity is in the form of earthbanks and ponds that represent filled in quarries. The park is home to a surprisingly diverse range of plants and animals; dragonflies and damselflies can be seen flitting across the ponds and in summer a display of wildflowers colour this beautiful area. A number of ‘veteran’ tree species
can be seen on the section between the Forest Park and Siston Common. Our race uses the Forest Park between miles 2 and 3.